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Renhe Spring Hotel Chengdu(Renhe Chuntian Jiudian) is a boutique hotel located on the second section of Erhuan Road,  at intersection of Guanghua Cun Street,  close to Dufu Cottage (Dufu Caotang),  Huanhuaxi Park and Renhe Spring Department Store. Metro Line 2 station is quite close,  making it convenient to reach the rest of the city.
This Chengdu hotel has 20 floors. Guest rooms...[View Detail]

住客评论 3213条评论     4.8分/5分 更多
  • gajoy
    All right
  • duli78
    Hotel is great, service is thoughtful
  • dw_y98
    Rooms very good, bed was very comfortable and very good sound insulation, I lived opposite the lift, but does not hear outside voices. near renhe spring Mall, shopping, eating is very convenient ... next time will come again!
  • duanboss
    Likes the hotel, children can play, adults can shop, next time will come
  • jwang980820
    Well, only drawback is bathroom glass door doesn't stay closed, water spilled to the floor, I was wrestling.
  • linlin10231547
    Hotels in the same price in the most satisfactory one. no more luxurious, but very cordial and very detailed, such as sinks, with tall enough footstool ... L ' occitane toiletries like! renhe spring, I love Chengdu!
  • baidoudou
    Work of comforting hot European women suppose to do wrong with you health
  • plantspoon
    Room good, outstanding contemporary decoration style, but a bit far from where the room air conditioning set at 23 degrees changes have no effect
  • fangyang2011
    Stay very comfortable, staff were very friendly.
  • FindingYou
    Hotel facilities leverage drops! room big, health quite clean, towel and white and has Sun of taste, I usually somewhat points cleanliness, but this hotel of towel I directly to son with has! regardless of in Hotel go to where, are can feel to smile and warm of service! child has Panda doll and children slippers, is cute, service do of is heart. aisle has free books, whole hotel are has light of spent fragrance, refreshing! breakfast is praise, West type.
  • miaojianjing
    See has other evaluation only reservation of hotel, to shop Hou does different response, room and employees quality and Raj almost, but price than Swiss JI affordable many, again to thanks front desk beauty reception, for with child out, to shop Hou no smoke-free room, front desk beauty to free upgrade to administrative floors smoke-free room. talk about insufficient, administrative floors no afternoon tea, only 5 o'clock in the afternoon to 8 points is pastry, and Hong Kong hi to Deng and Marco Polo administrative floors than slightly explicit insufficient. next to ChengduTravel preferred hotels.
  • notme
    All right
  • NaiWang
    Good location, convenient, spring restaurant building is great!
  • nuanlee
    Very, very happy with hotel software and hardware meet five-star standards! sure I will choose to stay here next time I go to Chengdu! for a good first impression from this hotel in Chengdu!
  • lemobb
    For the price, location is also very convenient, next is the preferred
  • e01690714
    Happy and free upgrade of room, I hope tomorrow, have a nice trip
  • apeng
    Hotels in Nice, stay cozy!
  • smallleung
    Hotel very good and facilities are very good, room is not big enough bathroom. International five-star hotel chains are good in General. back under this
  • amu82
    Hotel service, environment, facilities, location are very satisfaction, family, relatives friends to Chengdu I will select here staying, and himself also followed with live to hotel accompanied. imagined, if not has home of feel, I how will not home live to hotel does! really of very good! hotel of breakfast also very rod, is I live had of both at home and abroad of five-star hotel in taste best of, especially beef surface and copy hand, absolute not big pot dish of feel, each points are is fineTo, spices are is a points a points carefully preparation of, so taste also is detailed! hotel of front desk and concierge department service are is in place, smiling and patience detailed, even moving tickets are can taxi out purchasing points help you buy, save has guest of shopping time, really of is intimate! anyway, we big Chengdu has such high standards of hotel, really of is pride, such of service really of not lost international standards of, really of is Rod!
  • e02363456
    As well, the hotel toiletries very good, breakfast is less
  • babiwawa
    Good love
  • lieaou
    Very satisfaction, is good of hotel, because has child hotel also sent has children a small Panda doll, children is happy, staff polite, has underground parking, since driving tour of parking convenient, as long as led Zhang parking votes on can free parking, Hotel West cake shop do of cake is delicious, in beauty round purchased of hotel of dinner taste good, also sent has a bags Hotel himself making of cookies, feel to has home away from home of feel, location is good, to each attractions taxi not to 20 Yuan, 12.13 it worked, next to supermarket, shopping is convenient, Chengdu will choose to stay here again, breakfast was satisfactory, the Dan Dan noodles, pancakes, Chinese and Western, Hotel do it yourself yogurt like, select here will not regret
  • furuitao
    Well, well, help people, says very good, very good.
  • sallysyw
    Hotel very comfortable, is the location is not ideal, overall still very satisfied with
  • op0001
    L ' occitane toiletries, excellent location. spacious room. I haven't found any drawbacks. Price could be cheaper better. wow haha
  • pyj69215
    Good location, no matter where it is very easy
  • Betty Orange
    Good location, first class hardware facilities, toilet, spacious, floor temperature very comfortable. rooms are large and comfortable. good value for money.
  • leonguo
    Hotel service first-class, staying very comfortable, this staying front desk also free to I upgrade for Suite, very thanks, bath supplies is Europe Shu Dan of, room also is big, will living room, bedroom, dressing between, guest Wei, main Wei are independent separate, very comfortable, underground ground parking are convenient, front desk has free parking coupon, breakfast is rich, West type are has can meet guest of different needs, also has ocean Guy provides coffee or tea, room has bowls gift, although room price partial high,But high cost, it is worth staying, make two small suggestions, one towel is older than were admitted, the timely replacement, second bedroom bedside stereo and old iPhone charging port, now can't use fruit 6,6S, you can improve it. is generally satisfied with hope that better and better!
  • eva China
    Room very good, environment relies on the spring Mall. for business or good.
  • flexiblemuscle
    Very good hotel! hardware is that we all have a natural Needless to say, and certainly excellent! raining that day he left because the taxi drivers of the appointments to stand, the lads busy busy Concierge, again called for us out of the car, also helped to carry the luggage, we were able to arrive in airports. great experience infinitely recommended!
  • migao
    Very nice, good location, quiet
  • e03157090
    Hotel on the hardware, bed very comfortable, rest is very good, service very user friendly, I have special circumstances, after the girl at the front desk to explain the situation, gave me time to deal with bed, very nice, praise.
  • MiuMiu729
    Great feel
  • jxp8532
    Good service, great experience! is recommended.
  • e01006198
    Hotel is quite good. free upgrade
  • jinwei19840216
    On the subway, think is near the high speed rail station, and Chengdu South railway station, 40 minutes by car to get to, see high-speed rail left ... ...
  • aleolau
    All areas of hotel is very good, close to the liberation monument.
  • dyx wander through the
    Hardware and software are good, are swimming pools during their stay close for a little pity
  • foc208
    Hotel warm and very satisfied with service next time will stay
  • DR9918
    High performance-price ratio
  • standincloud
    Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good
  • alanaron
    Towels are not clean ... I found a hair!
  • furugiya
    Like Chengdu renhe spring very. good location, many restaurants around. Hotel excellent service, very good. great high-end, each one very carefully.
  • ouming
    Very, very, very good, next time you chose to live here
  • gdgdgfgf
    Excellent, facilities good, air conditioning doesn't force a little noise, nice?
  • beyondbill
    Good hotel! next time you come to Chengdu! will choose to stay!
  • lianjl
    All right
  • andnot
    Very good
  • J_aPpLe
    Walked into the hotel lobby to smell a special aroma.! Shangri-La! ask front desk, and many former employees of Shangri-La's, room set is very unique, with style!
  • aimeejunyao
    Software and hardware facilities of the room are good, service is in place!